3 HR Processes to Automate for Better Workflow Efficiency

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With so many of today’s businesses moving toward automation, it’s impossible to ignore the wide range of benefits doing so presents. From reduced costs and fewer errors to enhanced efficiency and increased insight, there’s no shortage of reasons why organizations should digitalize. And if there’s a sector where a technological transformation can be particularly beneficial, it’s human resources.
According to research by Harvey Nash, 15 percent of HR professionals’ business plans are influenced by automation and artificial intelligence and 40 percent expect them to be within the next few years.
Being the hub of so many pertinent organizational functions, the HR department has no shortage of tasks, responsibilities and challenges to deal with daily, so it’s important to optimize them when and wherever possible. By abandoning outdated methods and manual processes, companies enhance productivity, reduce errors and inefficiencies, unclog congested workflows and uncover opportunities for cost savings. Automating key processes allows HR employees to spend time on more critical aspects of business – rather than bogged down by menial, time-consuming tasks.
However, when it comes to adopting a new HR technology or automation tool, businesses must be strategic and selective in their investments. All things considered, there are three HR processes that stand to benefit most from automation.


Between tracking time sheets and processing leave requests, managing the schedules of employees alone could occupy the days of HR personnel. The last thing anyone wants to do is spend the majority of their workday sorting through workers’ timesheets or rummaging through a crowded inbox in search of leave requests or schedule-related emails.
Implementing a system that allows employees to have their timesheets automatically tracked and validated eliminates this issue. Furthermore, automating the leave request/approval process not only means employee records are instantly updated, but it also streamlines data collection.
Digitalizing the scheduling system for employees is particularly necessary in this day in age, as an increasing number of organizations continue to employ a remote workforce and offer flexible work arrangements.


Any opportunity to simplify and improve payroll services should be a welcomed. Automating payroll management makes it easier for companies with a blended workforce (consisting of full-time, part-time, freelance and contract workers) to ensure proper compliance and compensation. But the incentives extend beyond just making it easier for employees to get paid.
Leveraging technology can usher in much-needed insight for maximizing spend. For example, Tire Review recently pointed out that payroll is largest monthly cost organizations deal with and, of course, plays a pivotal role in a business’ bottom line. Without closely monitoring these financials, they can quickly get out of control. Payroll software help HR leaders gain visibility needed for reducing costs and making better decisions.


Employees are the backbone of your organization – so finding and keeping top talent is of utmost importance. However, considering that today’s recruitment landscape is incredibly competitive, HR professionals can’t afford to waste time manually finding, processing and filling jobs.
Job parsing automation, on the other hand, instantly processes job notifications from vendor management systems as they come in, then seamlessly updates and integrates the data. This provides HR professionals with peace of mind knowing they have instant and constant access to the latest, most relevant information. With this type of software, companies can hundreds of more jobs per hour than they would otherwise be able to through manual entry. For example, whereas it may have previously taken eight hours to process 60 jobs, software allows HR to complete more than 200 in one hour.
To gain a competitive advantage in today’s ever-evolving landscape, HR leaders must adopt the tools and solutions needed to boost efficiency. Automating the processes that typically pose issues and challenges for staff members can help organizations realize greater success and immediate ROI.
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