3 Reasons Why Healthcare Staffing Agencies Should Be Using a Data Automation Solution

In today’s landscape, healthcare staffing agencies need to act fast and think strategically. The demand for healthcare workers continues to surge, as changes in regulations and insurance policies and an increased diversity of providers contribute to a rising need for jobs to be filled quickly and strategically. healthcare staffing agencies play a key role in filling this demand, but if they’re not using a data automation solution, they’re missing out on valuable opportunities.

The JobRobotix data automation solution seamlessly integrates with existing vendor management systems to collect and forward job requisitions efficiently and reduce workflow congestion. It enables VMS data aggregation and VMS data filtering to improve workflows, supporting healthcare staffing agencies to fill jobs more competitively.

Here are three main reasons why healthcare staffing agencies should use a data automation solution.

1. Act Faster to Beat the Competition 

Without a data automation solution, healthcare staffing agencies have to spend hours on manual data entry and comb through disparate job requisition orders coming from multiple VMS. JobRobotix quickly forwards new job orders from a variety of VMS platforms and then populates the system so that agencies can match candidates and fill positions at blazing-fast speed. Mail systems notifications are forwarded to the JobRobotix inbox based on previously set rules. Job opportunities can also be collected and forwarded directly from the provider, giving staffing agencies a competitive edge. With this capability, they can beat other agencies in the race to fulfill client employment demands, and the time job postings are up in the system is greatly reduced as a result.

2. Easy Access to Up-to-Date Job Requisitions 

Traditionally, healthcare staffing agencies are at the whims of hiring managers and Managed Service Providers and whichever VMS they employ. As a result, staffing agencies can feel relegated to a passive, unproductive role, waiting for just the right opportunities to come through the systems. But JobRobotix integrates with multiple VMS to make identifying and acting on promising job opportunities much easier. Through intelligent VMS data aggregation and filtering, the data automation solution gives staffing agencies greater and more accurate visibility into present needs – in fact, JobRobotix has the highest number of VMS platform integration in the healthcare field, making finding and filling jobs simpler, smarter and more streamlined.

3. Recruitment Optimization

Healthcare recruiters have more important things to do than tediously track needs through multiple VMS’s. The JobRobotix solution parses job requisitions for relevancy, separates canceled orders and gives greater insight into available opportunities to ensure that staffers always have the latest and most accurate information at their fingertips. The solution frees up their time so that they can give more focus to other strategic recruitment initiatives and enjoy a greater ROI on the job parsing systems they use.

The JobRobotix rules-based parsing engine software is best-in-class for VMS platform integration, data filtering and data aggregation. Our data automation solution can enable healthcare staffing agencies to close job opportunities before others even hear about them, have easier access to more accurate requisitions and optimize their recruitment processes. Contact us today to learn more.

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