JobRobotix to Partner with LaborEdge to Improve Staffing Automation in the Healthcare Industry

New technology integration will increase speed and simplicity in healthcare staffing by creating a more seamless and straightforward recruiting and hiring process.

JobRobotix, the fastest growing data automation software provider in the country, is pleased to announce a new partnership integration with LaborEdge and the company’s proprietary Nexus technology, which helps streamline temporary, permanent and executive staff placement in the healthcare industry. JobRobotix’s JobSource syncs Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and job boards with recruitment databases, which translates into quicker placements and improved ROI.

“A lack of standardization results in a substantial amount of time wasted – in upwards of 35% – which is frustrating for the clients we serve and can result in severe consequences in patient care,” stated Shail Arora, President of LaborEdge. “We are extremely impressed with JobSource, and will be using the technology exclusively to help improve efficiency and responsiveness in the hiring process.”

JobRobotix’s JobSource seamlessly syncs Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and job boards with recruitment databases, which translates into quicker placements and improved ROI.

The JobRobotix platform offers full automation technology, and has been designed to address underlying issues that have traditionally plagued the healthcare staffing automation process as a whole. The end result is a more seamless and straightforward hiring process, which will be of benefit to LaborEdge clients, as well as recruiters and candidates.

“LaborEdge is pushing the envelope in the healthcare staffing industry, and offers the most user-friendly, feature rich software platform on the market today,” added JobRobotix CEO Ron Gonzalez. “Our flexible product features and robust VMS platform options will play a critical role in their mission to further simplify communication and workflows with hospitals and other healthcare facilities to enhance workflows and better manage data.

About Nexus, powered by LaborEdge 
Nexus connects agencies, clinicians, and hospitals all on the same architecture for an end-to-end intuitive experience. Nexus removes internal inefficiencies, such as multiple software systems, unscalable technologies, hard-to-use work-flows and difficult compliance tracking. Nexus helps organizations work faster and smarter. To learn more, visit

About JobRobotix
JobRobotix is a staffing software technology company focused on data automation solutions. The JobRobotix JobSource product automates job data movement between VMS, ATS, CRM, social media, job boards & back office applications. By automating the flow of job data, JobRobotix is helping staffing firms capture over 80,000 work hours monthly, driving bottom-line improvements, speeding up business, and reducing labor costs. For additional details, visit

Originally posted: May 12, 2021:

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