Top Tips for Creating a Meaningful Recruitment Experience

Hiring managers and staffing firms alike need to be more conscious of the type of candidate experience their recruitment processes is creating.

This is why you need processes that are snappy, streamlined and simple. Job automation makes this possible for staffing firms by giving them greater visibility into top needs and then speeding up the filling process, helping them beat out the competition and dramatically cut down on wait times for candidates.

Reduce Run-Around 

If a candidate works with a recruiter but then feels that their salary or benefits needs aren’t being respected or that the offered role does not fully mesh with their desires, they could have a negative experience. At the same time, staffing firms have to be able to balance the needs of their candidates with the needs of their client companies, especially when it comes to compensation.

However, managing expectations effectively helps create more positive candidate and client experiences all around. The Undercover Recruiter recommends making sure you ask targeted questions to both the clients and the candidates that confirms the level of compensation that they are anticipating. Then, be sure to adjust expectations if necessary.

“Your client will be happy in the knowledge they are getting the guy they want, at a salary they can afford, thanks to you having already schooled [the candidate] about salaries and other opportunities in his new role,” the site noted.

As a result, new hires will want to stick around for longer and be happier with their placement experience, increasing ROI.

Job automation software can aid both these efforts, by speeding up job filling and enabling streamlined workflows and better organization so that staffing firms can communicate more effectively with both client and candidate. If you’re interested in streamlining the recruiting and hiring process, contact us today to learn how we can help.

Recruiters are currently living in a candidate-driven job market, where job seekers are able to be more choosy with the positions they decide to pursue, as The Undercover Recruiter detailed. This means that hiring managers and staffing firms alike need to be more conscious of the type of candidate experience their recruitment process is creating.

According to a survey by CareerArc, 60 percent of job candidates have had a poor experience. This negative experience can lead to them deciding to abandon their job efforts with a particular company, which can mean the critical loss of top talent.

To improve your processes, learn more about two important elements of creating a meaningful recruitment experience:

Increase Your Speed 

As with most things in life, when you snooze, you lose in recruitment. The top talent in every industry has the ability to be more selective in shaping their careers, and they don’t have time to wait around while staffing firms or hiring managers go through complicated recruitment processes. In fact, waiting for a response is the biggest frustration in job-searching for 73 percent of candidates, according to research from Potentialpark.

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