VMS Integrations

JobRobotix gives your Staffing Agency Access to over 100+ VMS & MSP connections

Vendor Management Systems are software applications that companies, HR departments, and MSP’s use to source talent. HR departments of hospitals or large companies submit their requirements for contingent labor to staffing suppliers through VMS websites.

Staffing companies then find and submit candidates though these VMS applications in response to the specified requirements. JobRobotix, makes it effortless to grow your agency and support job sourcing through VMS & MSP applications.

JobRobotix solutions give your team tools ease and streamline the job capture and submittal process though VMS. No longer will your staff deal with the burdens and mistakes of data entry.

Recruiters don’t have to waste time managing VMS data. JobRobotix saves you enormous quantities of time and automatically keeps your open jobs up-to-date, as well as helping synchronize activities between your database and the VMS.