JobRobotix and HealthcareSource CTM

To all the healthcare staffing recruiters out there, we hear you. We know you find yourself wasting precious time filling in spreadsheets and sorting through irrelevant jobs. Are you ready to call in for relief?

In the day of technology-driven speed, data automation can be your answer to eliminating many workflow congestion and redundancy issues, from job parsing and searching to job matching and filing.

You know a solution is out there, but perhaps you don’t know how to plead the case for investment to your boss. Bring these six topics to your boss’s attention to start the conversation and prove how data automation could help your staffing agency.


1. Labor Costs

Try starting with what makes every boss’s heart skip a beat: finding cost reductions. Without a data automation solution in place, healthcare staffing agencies waste hours on mindless data entry combing through disparate job requisition.

On the contrary, implementing the JobRobotix JobSource integration routes new job orders from all existing VMS platforms not only to your HealthcareSourceTM Contingent Talent Management software, but also to your CRM, job board, social media accounts, and company website automatically.

Clients that use this type of data automation recover more than 80 hours of wasted labor hours a month.

2. Reduces Redundancies

Data automation helps to eliminate redundancies, and helps your boss maintain clients’ perception of your agency as their knight in shining armor.

Without data automation, there are too many opportunities for redundancies: perhaps your VMS updates its systems, or maybe a coworker inadvertently duplicates your entry efforts, or maybe you just got lost in the data thanks to the 15th interruption that hour.

Regardless of how redundancies happen, they do.  And having to tell your new placement that their dream job was actually already filled leaves you with an unforgettable pit in the bottom of your stomach.  Trust is lost, momentum is lost, and commission is lost.

Knowing what that means for you as a single recruiter, you can extrapolate what that means for your boss.

3. Minimizes Human Error

No one likes to talk about mistakes, but, sadly every human makes them.  Technology, on the other hand, sticks to the script without getting worn out, needing another cup of coffee, or even taking a water cooler break. Choosing data automation will remove common issues, like:

  • Incorrect dates
  • Changes in rates
  • Discrepancies in location
  • Etc., etc., etc.

Letting technology do the heavy lifting alleviates this liability, giving your boss peace of mind.

4. Increased Placement Capacity

If you spend less time compiling data, then you have more time for matching candidates — more frequently and more quickly.

And of course, this will have an impact on revenue, which will be another hot button with your boss. Perhaps you should move this topic to earlier in the discussion.

5. Up-to-Date, Accurate Job Posting

Through intelligent VMS data aggregation and filtering, data automation gives staffing agencies greater and more accurate visibility into present needs.  In fact, JobRobotix has the highest number of VMS platform integrations in the healthcare field, making finding and filling jobs simpler, smarter, and more streamlined.

6. Supports Compliance

While compliance is a dreaded topic for healthcare staffing firms, data automation helps to make complying with the never-ending regulations easier.

From managing requisite certifications and professional experience to complying with labor and compensation laws, data automation can help you collect, verify, and organize all the job requisition and fulfillment information.

For instance, JobRobotix JobSource gathers and filters job orders and all related compliance information (i.e. time posted, cancellations, and customer feedback), bringing fragmented functions together. This translates into better tracking, documentation, and job placement accuracy, while also supporting overall compliance between all involved parties.

Given that your success — as well as that of your staffing agency —rests on the number of placements won and performance of your clients, these six topics present a win-win scenario for you and your boss as you make the case for data automation software.

Win back hours in your team's day

Streamline job data collection & eliminate manual processes

Turn-key VMS automation and real-time data delivery.

Up-to-the-minute reporting so you know when data was last collected and how many new opportunities became available.

Fully customizable rules allow you to standardize job fields as needed in your ATS or CRM.

Enhanced marketing capabilities allow you to create multiple job description templates and include dynamic pay packages for jobs.

Have questions about how JobRobotix and HealthcareSource CTM can help you?