5 Signs It’s Time to Adopt Job Automation Software

Do you feel as though your staffing organization is not operating as efficiently as it could be? Then it’s time to look at your workflows and processes a little more closely. Many common problem areas can be solved by using job automation software, which easily integrates with existing vendor management systems to streamline finding and filling positions.

Here are five signs it’s time to adopt job automation software.

1.  Staff Members Spend an Inordinate Amount of Time Searching through Job Needs 

To run an efficient staffing agency, recruitment professionals need to be able sift through job requisitions quickly. They need to be able to rapidly identify the opportunities that are most relevant to their areas of expertise and the candidates they have available. Job automation software parses requisitions to ensure that they are most relevant to your agency’s needs.

2.  Workflows Are Cumbersome and Time-Consuming

Staffing agencies should be running workflows that are logical and timely – not ones that cause frustration and headaches. With job automation software, work processes are streamlined to be as efficient as possible.

3.  Staff Members Have to Tediously Track Multiple VMS’s 

Having to constantly go in and check job orders on multiple, unconnected vendor management systems is a major time-waster. Instead, staffing firms should take advantage of a fully integrated job-parsing platform that funnel requisitions across various VMS’s into one easily accessible and readable place.

4.  Other Staffing Firms Are Consistently Beating You to Top Talent 

In staffing, speed is the name of the game. If your competitors are consistently beating you when it comes to filling jobs, then it’s time to reevaluate the tools and processes you’re using. Job automation software can help you stay one step ahead of the pack by showing you the most relevant job requisitions and significantly cutting down on processing time.

5.  Your Agency Sees Too Many Canceled or Outdated Job Orders 

As your staffing agency searches through its systems, is it seeing far too many canceled or outdated job orders populating the list? Then it’s time to make an upgrade. A job automation platform instantly separates non-viable orders, helping you fill relevant needs more quickly.

These are just a few signs that it may be time to implement a job automation software solution at your staffing firm. The JobRobotix rules-based parsing engine software is a best-in-class solution that integrates with many of the leading VMS platforms to help your agency reach news levels of efficiency and success. Contact us today to learn more.

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