Maximizing Human Capital Through Technology

It’s no news that technology is disrupting business – with new devices replacing old methods and processes at every turn. But with transformation comes complexity – and, in some cases, confusion.

Among the many industries and markets that the digital revolution is causing major shifts with, human resources and recruitment are at  the top of the list. Artificial intelligence and the rise of robotic processes have reshaped the types of skills employers value most in candidates and, similarly, altered their methods for finding and vetting talent.

On the other side of this, job seekers are facing a new type of environment. There has been a lot of concern and debate about the idea that machines and robots are going to displace human employees.

How Will Technology Impact the Workforce?

It’s easy to see how this might be an area of contingency for some segments of the workforce. For example, earlier this year, a report from McKinsey Global Institute revealed that nearly 50 percent of paid work can now be automated through technology.

However, the Wall Street Journal recently pointed out that technology isn’t going to reduce the number of jobs so much as it will change them. Citing a Deloitte Consulting report as an example, the source said that 2 million manufacturing positions are expected to go unfilled within the next eight years. The issue, the article’s author suggested, isn’t that there will be a decrease in demand, but a need for organizations to better align the skills of employees with the changing needs of the workplace.

Furthermore, the source explained that technology can be used to supplement and enhance human capital, not replace it altogether.

The key is being able to leverage digital devices, software and artificial intelligence in a way that is most meaningful and efficient for the specific needs of an organization.

Take human resources for example: By automating the tasks and functions HR personnel would otherwise manually do themselves, they will have more time to focus on other critical aspects of business, such as refining talent acquisition and management practices.

Using Automation to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Adapting operations and strategies to more quickly and efficiently handle job processing, requisition approvals and other hiring-related tasks is the first step employers need to take to maximize human capital within their own organization.

Using job automation software is just one example of the many opportunities organizations have to leverage technology to enhance – not hamper – the role and value of existing employees.

To learn more about how software and automation tools can improve your HR efficiency and help you gain a competitive advantage, contact JobRobotix today.

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