JobRobotix® Kicks Off 2021 with 2 New Healthcare Staffing Solutions

Industry leader in VMS integrations adds 2 new products to their service offering to better meet the rapidly evolving needs of modern healthcare staffing organizations.

JobRobotix® – a leading VMS to ATS Data solution provider that helps healthcare staffing companies capture, centralize, and automate their staffing data – recently added 2 new solutions to the JobRobotix Services Platform.

JobStream, the company’s new Career Portal technology, offers a complete solution for healthcare staffing agencies that want to create a customized, interactive, and white-labeled career portal.

“JobStream is cloud-based technology that’s powered by WordPress servers and connected to our industry-leading VMS automation technology and standardized UI layout to deliver a seamless end-user experience,” said Ron Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer of JobRobotix. “It integrates with an existing staffing company’s website, and provides access to powerful technology features like real-time job publication and applicant data sync to various ATS solutions, as well as dynamic job data generation such as pay calculations, descriptions and requirements.”

JobStream’s responsive web design ensures each career portal is compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, which is the perfect complement to today’s increasingly mobile workforce. Optional features including advanced job filtering, live chat with a recruiter, social sharing, and candidate job alerts are also available.

Our primary goal is to develop solutions so that healthcare staffing company’s can focus on their most important work, while simultaneously meeting the changing needs of today’s increasingly mobile workforce.

The company’s second product release, the JobRobotix DataHub, is a talent & time data sharing solution designed specifically for busy staffing agencies. DataHub gives these organizations the ability to connect and share multiple types of staffing data, including candidate submittals, documents and time reporting information between web apps, ATS’s, and VMS solutions automatically.

“Our primary goal is to develop solutions so that healthcare staffing company’s can focus on their most important work, which is why our DataHub API framework gives JobRobotix technology partners access to over 85 connected application solutions using a common API set,” added DC Kloos, VP of Product Management & Sales at JobRobotix. “This platform offers our customers an easy-to-understand solution for complicated data sharing issues.”

“Our customers manage multiple VMS programs, as well as candidate application data and time information, which can be an extremely difficult and time-consuming process at times. And as technology environments expand, their jobs grow increasingly more complex,” Gonzalez concluded. “The JobRobotix Data Hub solution gives our customers the ability to better manage the sharing of data in these ever-growing and complex multiple technology environments.”

About JobRobotix
JobRobotix is a staffing software technology company focused on data automation solutions. The JobRobotix JobSource product automates job data movement between VMS, ATS, CRM, social media, job boards & back office applications. By automating the flow of job data, JobRobotix is helping staffing firms capture over 80,000 work hours monthly, driving bottom-line improvements, speeding up business, and reducing labor costs. For additional details, visit

Originally posted: January 12, 2021:

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