How Automation Improves Healthcare Recruitment

Technology is transforming how staffing agencies and hiring managers in the healthcare industry attract, recruit and retain talent. With data-backed insights and automated workflows, organizations can gain a deeper understanding of workforce needs and a more robust view of overall recruitment strategy.

Data automation solutions such as JobRobotix that integrate with existing vendor management can help staffing agencies make higher-quality placements, more quickly, while enabling healthcare providers get the manpower they need.

Automation improves healthcare recruitment in many dynamic ways – here are three major examples.

Supports Compliance 

Healthcare staffing firms need to comply with a number of regulations and industry standards. First, they must be able to supply trustworthy candidates that have the requisite certifications and professional experience to excel in the roles they are placed in. Second, they have to comply with the applicable labor and compensation laws for various classifications of healthcare employees, including floating and contingent workers. Third, staffing agencies need to comply with the liability protocols as they relate to their responsibility for the worker compared to the responsibility of the healthcare provider that he or she is placed at.

Automation comes into play here by collecting all job requisition and fulfillment information in one easy-to-access place. The JobRobotix solution gathers and filters job orders and all related information such as time posted, cancelations and customer feedback, bringing fragmented functions together. With this capability, staffing agencies are able to better track, document and manage all job placement activities between all involved parties, better supporting overall compliance and workflow organization.

Enables Flexible Job Placement 

With an ever-evolving and complex healthcare industry made up of a diverse mix of worker classifications and skill sets, healthcare staffing agencies need to be able to fill a range of positions with agility. If staffers have no way to have a comprehensive overview of the requisitions entered across multiple vendor management systems, then they will not have the abilities to easily pivot and target specific job needs that would make them preferred recruitment partners of healthcare providers.

Responds to On-Call Demand More Quickly

The healthcare industry in particular depends on rapid job placement with minimal vacancy time. If a provider is unable to secure the on-call workers it needs, then patient care can be put at risk. Healthcare staffing agencies need to be able to seize opportunities to view job requisitions and fill positions as quickly and seamlessly as possible. This won’t happen if agencies have to jump between different vendor management systems or manually enter data, as the more steps required to make a placement, the more time that a vital healthcare position is left unfilled. JobRobotix data automation software integrates with existing vendor management systems to automatically capture VMS job notifications and reduce the time it takes to find, filter and fill job opportunities.

The industry-leading JobRobotix data automation software solution is revolutionizing how healthcare staffing agencies find, filter and fill job opportunities. With the highest number of VMS platform integrations in the healthcare space, JobRobotix gives staffing firms the speed, insights and agility they need to succeed. Contact us today to learn more.

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